A No-Code Develop-to-Earn Game That Allows Holders to Generate Revenue Through Game Development Fees and Staking.

Gamofi empowers a non-tech, non-gamer audience to create, share & monetize their own video games with no code and at lightning speed.

Creating video games with no-code, low-cost, & at lightning speed

Gamofi is a no-code video game maker that empowers a non-tech, non-gamer audience to create, share & monetize their own video games with no code and at lightning speed. Everyone can create snackable games for entertainment, educational, marketing, and training purposes with ease.

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Deliver Fast, from Any Device

Create your own games with less coding effort and without needing to learn multiple programming languages from any device, anywhere, and everywhere. Use a desktop app, web app or mobile app. A single account gives you access to our cloud projects at any time.


Drag and drop interface

Visual oriented “what you see is what you get” creation.

Open Source = open ecosystem

Runs anywhere. Use JavaScript to call APIs, external services or data sources.

No-code approach

Logic-based interactions. No need for advanced programming languages nor full-stack developers.

Ready-made behaviors

Choose from over 15 ready made behaviors and spend less time working on game logic.

Earn Revenue

Buy and stake $GAMO to earn passive income sent to your wallet daily.

Gamofi Token Usecase and Tokenomics

Gamofi Token (GAMO) is an essential part of The Gamofi platform and we are working on establishing key mechanics that makes it intrinsically tied to The Gamofi platform and its value. GAMO is an ERC-20 utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain that serves as the basis for transactions within The Gamofi, and has the following uses; Access The Gamofi platform, Governance, Staking and more.

Real-time Charts, History and All Token Info.

Business Model

Gamofi's business model leverages 4 recurring revenue streams

1. Premium Subscriptions

A monthly subscription model that unlocks premium game templates and game assets on Gamofi, exclusive rewards in the Gamofiverse, as well as unlimited game creation quotas on our AI text-to-game engine Gamofi.io.

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2. Gamofi Assets

The Gamofiverse carnival stands and customizable metaverse elements will be available for sale through our marketplace. Furthermore, we will introduce our in-game currency for all carnival transactions.

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3. Revenue Share

When game makers monetize their games within the Gamofiverse, Gamofiverse takes a 15% rev share.

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4. Immersive Advertisements

Strategically placed advertisements will be available for purchase throughout the Gamofiverse and on loading screens for Gamofi games.

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An easy no-code game maker. Make and publish your games with Gamofi. Start with our tutorials and discover tons of examples inside the app.